Join the effort to give every child
access to high quality early learning.

2018 United Statement of Support for Early Child Education

Over 45 business, advocacy and community organizations have joined Ready Louisiana in a United Statement of Support for Early Child Education. They share our belief that high quality early care and education will prepare our students for a smart start in life, enable families to be productive in the workforce, and serve as an economic engine for local communities.Together, we support expanding access to high quality early learning across the state of Louisiana by restoring funding for early care and education.

View the United Statement of Support and scroll down for the current list of names. If your company or organization would like to sign on to this statement with Ready Louisiana, please email Melanie Bronfin at

You can take the pledge:

“I believe that setting our students up for success starts well before they enter elementary school. I know the importance of a smart start for our youngest learners and I commit to working to ensure that all of Louisiana’s children are well prepared for their academic journey by making sure every child experiences high quality early learning and care.”